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Project Title: International Energy Policy in the Aftermath of the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster: An Analysis of Energy Policies of the U.S., U.K., Germany, France, Japan, China and Korea
Project Description: The project reviews global and South Korea’s changes in energy policy and electricity generation mix in the aftermath of Japan’s nuclear disaster. It focuses on assessing the economic feasibility of energy efficiency and renewable energy options and reexamining deployment policies and strategies of other large energy consuming countries concerning these two resources. This is a book project.
Project Advisors: John Byrne, Young-Doo Wang and Lado Kurdgelashvili
Project Title: U.S. Clean Energy Policy after the Presidential Election and U.S.-South Korea Clean Energy Cooperation
Project Description: This project examines possible changes in U.S. clean energy policy before and after the November election and its potential impacts on South Korea’s clean energy policy. It also explores clean energy partnership between South Korea and U.S. in the development of clean energy technologies and business cooperation.
Project Advisors: John Byrne and Young-Doo Wang

Project Title:

A Technical and Economic Analysis of Urban Solar Potential

Project Description: Large scale deployment of solar energy in urban environments has been limited by a number of technical, financial, regulatory and institutional constraints. This project evaluates the technical,
economic and achievable potential of PV in large cities, using a case study of Seoul to estimate urban PV potential. It also estimates economic, social and environmental benefits associated with
large scale urban PV generation.
Project Advisors: John Byrne and Lado Kurdgelashvili
Project Title: Energy-Water Nexus: Water Debt Management through a Sustainable Water-Energy Policy
Project Description: The energy-water nexus discussion has often been confined within a specific spatial boundary such as state, local or service area. This project looks beyond spatial boundaries and introduces a concept of water debt which arises from virtual water embedded in regional electricity trading due to:

  1. directly importing electricity; and
  2. importing input fuels (such as coal, natural gas and oil) to generate electricity form other
    neighboring regions.

Using Delaware as a model, this project will show how water debt management through a sustainable energy policy can enhance regional sustainability and equity.

Project Advisors: Young-Doo Wang and Lawrence Agbemabiese
Project Title: Demonstration of a Dispatchable Peak Shaving Photovoltaic System with Electric Energy Storage
Project Description: The project will examine technical and economic performance of combined PV and electric storage system under different technical configurations. Intensive data analysis and monitoring is built into the project. The CEEP research team will build the initial PV Planner analysis to project how the system should perform given historical electricity rates, demand, and expected battery performance. PV Planner (created at CEEP) will then be used to project expected economic performance under utility peak shaving and building peak shaving scenarios, and to analyze the implications and feasibility of simultaneous utility/building peak shaving. PV Planner projections will serve as a benchmark against which actual system performance will be compared on an ongoing basis
during the demonstration. When the project is completed, the results of the study will be used to update PV Planner software and make the tool more robust for future similar analyses.
Project Advisors: Lado Kurdgelashvili and John Byrne
Project Title: Science, Engineering, and Technology (SET) Project
Project Description: The coastal areas of Delaware are heavily populated and ecologically diverse. The
Delaware beaches are a major attraction for tourists and generate substantial state revenue. However these areas are vulnerable to beach erosion, storm surge and intensified flooding, owing to the rising sea levels and increasing global temperatures. To protect these areas from potentially frequent tropical storms in future, the state of Delaware is undertaking a number of policy initiatives. The objective of this study is to analyze economic, social, and ecological vulnerabilities of Delaware coastal areas, and make policy recommendations in the light of best practices in adaptation, from other US states. The study will entail analyzing adaptation policies of 4-5 east coast states, selected on the basis of their geographic similarity with the Delaware coast and comparable vulnerabilities from sea level rise and tropical storms. Best practices in adaptation will be gleaned from these case studies and developed into policy suggestions for the state of Delaware, for enhanced coastal resilience and protection from future storms.
Project Advisors: Lado Kurdgelashvili and Ray Scattone
Project Title: Energy and Transit Policy Research for the Delaware Senate Energy and Transit Committee
Project Description: An internship created to work closely with the Chair of the Delaware State Senate Energy and Transit Committee Team, to perform research on policy and technology options that may be helpful to the needs of the State of Delaware.
Project Advisors: John Byrne
Delaware Industrial Assessment Center
Project Description: The University of Delaware was selected by the U.S. DOE to operate a regional Industrial Assessment Center (IAC). The UD Department of Electrical Engineering and Center for Energy and Environmental Policy will jointly manage the IAC, which will assist small- and medium-sized manufacturers in the region to make energy efficiency improvements, minimize waste, reduce pollution and improve productivity.
Project Advisors: Keith Goossen and John Byrne
Project Title: DOE-NSF: Terawatt-scale Solar Economy
Project Description: University of Delaware is participating in an NSF Engineering Research Center for Quantum
Energy and Sustainable Solar Technologies, jointly funded by the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Department of Energy. QESST intends to respond to the solar terawatt challenge by enabling a large, sustained growth rate of photovoltaic electricity generation, allowing PV devices that are scalable to commercial production and which provide a route for continuous improvements in performance and affordability. Arizona State University is the lead, with the University of Delaware, Cal Tech, MIT, Georgia Tech, and others as partners.
Project Advisors: Lado Kurdgelashvili and John Byrne
Project Title: Creating Sustainable Energy Utilities
Project Description: This project will assist in the development of Sustainable Energy Utilities (SEU) in and beyond the U.S. Energy suppliers are highly organized and effective at delivering their products, while energy users who are interested in improving energy efficiency and/or shifting to renewable energy are faced with a fragmented array of actors. Conceived at CEEP, the SEU becomes the point-of-contact for energy users in the same way that a utility is the point-of-contact for energy supply. The SEU, a public/private partnership, provides a focal point for the development of low/no carbon strategies utilizing energy efficiency, conservation and onsite renewable energy to empower community-based energy change. Currently FREE is under contract to several jurisdictions in California to educate and advise them on their SEU Programs. It is also assisting a large city in India and a major city and University in China to implement their SEU programs. For details on FREE’s SEU Initiative, see:
Project Advisors: John Byrne
Project Title: Delaware SEU Internship
Project Description: The SEU intern receives direction from the Chair of the Delaware SEU Board and
Executive Director to assist the organization in research, presentations, briefings, and other matters that contribute to the analytical and organizational needs of the SEU.
Project Advisors: John Byrne
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